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Swarm Removal

Dave's Apiaries does not remove swarms 
Hornet nest versus Bee Hive
If by chance you happen to find yourself in the garden or on the balcony, and see a swarm of bees, look up a beekeeper who quickly takes them and makes sure the bees are safe. When the bees are gathered in a swarm, as in the photo, they are not dangerous, do not disturb them and they will not do anything to you, every year hundreds and hundreds of swarms are destroyed due to fear or negligence. (Please note the difference between a hornet nest and a bee hive.) Find a beekeeper at or and know that you will have actively contributed to saving thousands of bees. THANK YOU!!!! 
Consumer Notice Organization

ConsumerNotice is an organization dedicated to providing reliable health and safety information.

They advocate for the environment and the pollinators that sustain our ecosystem; Dave's Apiaries feels it is necessary to supply the following information regarding the risks of pesticides to our invaluable pollinators.


Pollinators, such as bees, butterflies, moths and other insects, play a vital role in food production and ecosystem health. They facilitate the pollination of numerous crops and wild plants, ensuring the reproduction and growth of fruits, vegetables, and flowers that are essential for both humans and wildlife. Preserving their habitats and well-being is crucial to maintaining biodiversity and a balanced environment.

Unfortunately, the use of pesticides poses a significant threat to our beloved pollinators. Some pesticides, particularly certain insecticides, can harm bees and other beneficial insects when they come into contact with treated plants or contaminated pollen and nectar. A reduction in pollinator populations disrupts the delicate balance of our ecosystem.

Consumer Notice is committed to safeguarding pollinators; they have created some guides with helpful information and solutions for farmers, gardeners, and landowners.


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