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Dave's Apiaries Story


My first interest in bees began when a swarm of bees landed on a cherry tree. My neighbour helped me catch them and put them in a hive. I had bees throughout high school. My hive was in our backyard garden. I graduated from  Fairview College AB, in March of 1980. I studied their Commercial Beekeeping course. I worked for commercial beekeepers for 3 years and gained a lot of experience. After that, I started building up my Bee Farm in 1983. I have been a self employed bee keeper ever since. I also worked as a Bee Inspector for  a few years.  I also taught a beekeeping course at Fanshawe College for two seasons.

I have been very lucky to work in a job that I am passionate about.

I began with 360 hives for most of my career. I had 10 local business retailing my honey products. Met many great people over my career. 

The last 5 years has been quite challenging,with the bees dying.  I  intentionally downsized a few years ago.

In  the spring of 2022, 60 % of my hives perished. I still love the bees. Currently I have 90 hives and sell my honey products from our home on 1481 Kilally Rd London, Ontario, Canada. Please understand when we don't have some products available.

Thank you for your patronage. My wife Ida, runs a holistic esthetic service. She helps out with sales when I am not around.

To find out more about her business look at She has been in business since 1994. Shes very knowledgeable.

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